About TCC10

The TCC is a university-supported students’ organization that enables computer science and electrical engineering students gaining vast practical insights beyond the scope of university programs.

Various inspiring discussions and workshops with world-leading companies from the telecommunications, IT and consulting industry have led to a constantly increasing number of contacts to leading scientists, CEOs and technicians.

Mission Statement

Back in the year 2010 the ICT industry is entering a new era of information technology. Similarly to the development from the mainframe to the era of the client server architecture, the tremendously increasing capabilities of communication and processing technologies enable again unprecedented knew possibilities in the realm of ICT.

It is therefore of greatest interest to the TCC10 to participate in this fast development process. What is more, gaining a vast amount of knowledge enables us to acquire a particular insight in the potential future opportunities and challenges of new services and technologies.

The TCC10 is therefore particularly interested in the fields

  • Cloud Computing
    Being able to get vast amounts of computing power just within a fraction of a second through decentral cloud computing service suppliers leads to unprecedented new possibilities towards dynamically, performance and economically of information technology.
  • Mobile communication technologies (esp. LTE)
    The expansion of state-of-the-art  high-capacity mobile communication networks allows the consumption of services and huge amounts of data seamlessly in nearly any areas of the world.
  • Big data and data mining
    Having the technology to process petabytes of data efficiently available, fascinating new information and connections can be derived from the huge amount of data generated every day.